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  • What produce is currently available?
    Check out our shop page, we also update our social media when new varieties are available.
  • Do you accept credit/debit at the farm?
    We accept cash only at the farm, but there is usually someone around to help you make exact change.
  • Can I bring my pets to the farm?
    We love animals but due to food safety regulations, your pets will need to stay in the car or stay at home.
  • Does the stand and u-pick operate rain or shine?
    Our stand and u-pick will operate on a rainy day. If there is a forecast extreme weather conditions (ie: hurricane) we will notify everyone on social media that we will be closing. Dress accordingly :).
  • When does the stand close for the season?
    The stand will close when the weather drops below freezing, and we will move all of the produce into our new apple storage building. We will continue to sell out of the building until we sell out of apples, which is typically late February.
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